South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage


Pilot Schools Project.

During the iterative consultative process at the National, Provincial and Local Levels, a proposal was made and was unanimously adopted by Stakeholders that learners should form an integral part of the Stakeholder Engagement Outreach Programme. To this end, the Stakeholder Engagement team in tandem with the International Peers has conducted desktop research to benchmark against schools in the countries that are already deploying the CCS technology. The Pilot Schools Project (PSP) was informed by the research findings.  The PSP serves as a medium to raise awareness and create understanding of CCS in South Africa. 

The PSP brings Mathematics, Science and Technology to life by means of  hands-on activities, workshops and exhibitions focusing on Climate Change whilst raising CCS awareness. SACCCS has developed educational materials and interactive activities. The CCS activities are aligned to the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement model.  

Pilot Schools Project programmes